About me

I would describe myself primarily as a ‘maker’. I believe a greater knowledge of design improves construction and understanding how things are constructed improves design. This symbiotic relationship particularly interests me.

I have tried hard to gain a really broad range of professional experience since my degree. This included working with Jeremy Pitts, constructing, drafting and designing high quality cabins, treehouses and furniture typically using British oak and brass. I have also worked for dRMM, including building a 1:50 model of Maggie’s Centre, Oldham. This model is currently on display at the Forest of Fabrication Exhibition, RIBA North. I am also the project manager for an adaptable pop-up meeting pod. I designed this for ‘Isotropic’ to use at satellite conferences around the world. I have attended a workshop called ‘Model Making in the Digital Age’ learning a variety of skills such as casting and printing. I use these techniques, when throwing pottery on my kick wheel. 

I mostly want to develop as a social architect. The world is increasingly divided, with a rise in nationalism and a war on the movements of people. Architecture has fundamentally contributed to this. It creates walls but also parks. Currently, we are the most connected we have been and the loneliest. Socially responsible architecture brings people together in a positive and sustainable way. This is where I think my future lies.