Norse Ceremonial Building


The Norse Ceremonial Building was influenced from a trip to Oslo. The experience was a cold one and because of this really changed the way we moved around the city and observed it. I was inspired by Oslo Opera House and the way it appears to emerge out of the frozen sea, the roof doubling as a public space that looks out over the city. As well as being inspired by Oslo and the surrounding architecture, I was reading Norse mythology. I based my project around Nanna and Baldr. Nanna was the goddess of the moon and purity; the story told is that Nanna died from a broken heart when Baldr her lover was killed by his brother Loki. Baldr's body was then put upon his war ship, Skidbladnir, then ceremoniously pushed out to sea as fire engulfed the boat.

The stories close connection with water and fire drove the project location as well as its scheme. I think this portfolio shows the organic and research based design methods that are part of my process as well as my drive to experiment.