Uncommon in the Common


Uncommon in the Common was a project founded around the fine lines between private and public space within Hyde park, London. The project develops with a fan that I found in a skip attached to an old industrial fridge. To test the fan's output I filled 50 Litre bags to measure the speed and the pressure of the air it produced. As the size of the inflatables grew a natural interest occurred and the desire to be within the space meant I had to build one large enough to be inside. The walls were made from bin bags and so were 0.3mm thick, however, this was enough to divide space into sections giving a physical representation of the fine lines between public and private.

I designed 'party in a bag' to host my graduation/21st birthday party. The inflatable I designed and built was 40m long and at its peak was 10m high. It is an amazing experience to be within a space that has no visible structure.